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Got an established offline store that you want to move online, or just have a passion for selling products online?
Well, here’s how to take that next step with us. All you will need is:

1) Shop details
2) Identity card/ Driver's license
3) Preferred payment method

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How It Works

1. Create Your Shop

Start by creating your online shop and add as many products as you want, it's free, easy and simple

2. Shopper Pays Online

We will alert you by email or text as soon as a buyer purchases your product online. 

3. Pack, Ship, Get Paid.

Once the order is confirmed, pack it properly, and ship it. Shopper receives the order; the paid!

How Pricing Works

  • 10%

    Platform fees

  • +
  • $1

    Shipping fees

  • +
  • $0

    No upfront payments

  • +
  • 15%

    VAT Tax (If applicable)

  • +
  • Amt.

    Total Amount Earned

  • =
  • Price

    You Decide

When a product is sold, Afrikwea charges a platform fee of 10% of the selling price. Additionally, sellers can choose to incorporate shipping charges through DHL or another preferred shipping method into the product's selling price to cover the cost of delivery to the buyer. The final selling price would be the sum of the product's original price, the 10% platform fee, and any chosen shipping charges.

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